Saturday, February 28, 2015

52 Card WHAT?

Good Morning my friends. I was just parusing around Facebook and came across Mary Jane Chadbourn's post showing her fantastic ATC's, I could see that she used a playing card to make these.  I left a "like" and a "comment" "I love your work so much, I've been wanting to do a 52 card ATC stack for over a year now" well as I told MaryJane "now is as good as time is any" So I picked out a brand new pack of playing cards and started putting Gesso on them and started thinking about what in the world would I be putting on all of these, could I be creative enough to fill each one? Then I looked around my craft room and there is absolutely so much stuff, I decided to take one of every color of every type of paint I owned, (that's more than 52 all by itself) and one stamp on each one, or 2, or 3, lol there is more than 52 of those as well, the list goes on and on.  Then I started thinking it might be kinda fun to do it with you guys too. I don't really want it to be a contest, but a place we could just show off our cards, or we could create a pinterest board, or ...... Anyway it will be a good way to try out all of the items I have, some never used, bought a set for one or two particular things and whats left, I don't even know. So leave a comment if you want to take the plunge to the bottom of our craft room wares and make some ATC cards. Here is where I at with my cards.

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